Fitsteady: Fantastic tools for formidable trainers

2013 - Designed and built at Hookt Studios

Fitsteady (which I’ll call Wellshift from here on, because they’ve since rebranded) offer health & wellness programs to large organizations. They hired us to quickly build tools that automate some of their trainers’ tasks, and pick up valuable feedback from attendees.

Schedules and attendance

We built a focused web app that trainers can use to list their upcoming sessions, and take attendance when it’s time.

I designed the application’s flow so that valuable information is quickly accessible. The first thing a trainer sees is the schedule for upcoming sessions. Similarly, when it’s time to take attendance, the work is done for them as much as possible: There is a pre-made list for every session, and trainers simply check attendees and tap “done”.

Post-training survey

To refine how they impact health and wellness over time, Wellshift wanted to keep track of how effective each session is.

I designed a follow-up email to be sent to attendees after a session, which leads to a one-page survey. A generic version is available, but common activities are presented with a custom message and a mascot.

Melanie Weinberger (Wellshift’s Founder & CEO) took charge of copywriting, and throughout the project provided us with consistently quirky text. We were on board with that.

I made the visual treatment complement this, leading up to a personality that’s, ahem, rather enthusiastic. It balances itself out by being efficient! Compliments and celebration are encouraged, but they never add time or steps to a task.

At the time of writing (three years later already!) Fitsteady have steadily established their position as a major provider of health & wellness for organizations in Austin, TX.